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4th AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM meeting

“A good negotiator will never meet its own expectations when it comes to negotiations. The key to success in the context of negotiations does not represent an absolute victory or failure of each counterparty but rather search for a way to a common goal which leads to a mutual agreement. However, as also pointed out by Dr. Pfeifer one of the key characteristics of each negotiator is energetic, positive approach and thoughtful performance. “- Eva Veselinovič, Financial consultant, EY

“Dr. Pfeifer has presented strategies and negotiation techniques extremely well. Thorough preparation is a key to the success!” – Petra Janežič, SC Process Improvement Manager Sr., Danfoss Trata

„1€ will never be 1€ anymore. It can be 50 € or not even 0,01 €. Ervin Pfieifer has opened a new dimension in the world of negotiations, where we can negotiate anything. Except ethics and dignity – otherwise also a win is not a win anymore. “- Luka Plesec, MPharm., Customer Meeting Services, Eli Lilly

“There is a lot of negotiation techniques. Either delaying or attacking the counterpart, either putting your words into their mouth. The best technique of the negotiation is when better tomorrow for all is negotiated! Be a charismatic negotiator!”- Rok Kobilica Msc., demand planner, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires

„Yesterday’s event was very informing and useful for all parts of life. The relaxed manner of Mr Pfeifer made already interesting course even more attractive. “- Klavdija Merc, Adviser in Minister’s Cabinet, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

“About yesterday afternoon: discover the myths about the negotiations, but do not forget that a successful business negotiation is conditioned by good communication skills and partnerships. Meet your goal and be correct – negotiators are “made” not born! “- Sandra Valenti, Assistant SBU Savoury spreads, Droga Kolinska