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7 one-day modules | 1 two-day module | 72 academic hours | 9 days of practical and interactive programs | Business trip to Dublin 

 September 29, 2018 – March 8, 2019


For talents who want to upgrade their knowledge and competences necessary for successful leadership in a rapidly changing environment.


  1. To formulate new responses to some of the persistent, complex problems your organization faces.
  2. To communicate a clear, playing-to-win vision for your organization.
  3. To manage change and complexity with conviction and authenticity.
  4. To develop leadership potential in yourself as well as in others.
  5. To enhance and expand your leadership styles for high impact.
  6. To grow a strong network and gain bigger influence in the talent management and HR industry.


  1. Talents who want to develop leadership skills and take a next step in their professional career. 
  2. Business leaders, managers or entrepreneurs who are responsible for developing or implementing company strategy and leading their own teams. 
  3. Companies who identify high potential and talents and want to support them with personal and professional growth.
  4. Companies who don’t implement internal talent management program. 

*AmCham Young Leaders Club members receive a 30% registration discount.


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