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Most see obstacles where rare exceptions see opportunities. The situation is never good or bad, we decide what it will become. At Ineor, we know that technological breakthroughs create opportunities, and we have the knowledge to use them.


Telemach is based on values ​​such as passion, honesty, belonging, simplicity and responsibility, which connects us with the mission of one of the most active business communities in Slovenia, with AmCham Slovenia. We are glad that our ideas can also be realized and spread through their events.


Curiosity drives us forward as it reveals the unknown and is constantly inviting us to the path of discovery and learning. This is a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


Inspire confidence, empower change is our purpose. Being a part of AmCham Slovenia business community full of opportunities, passion and optimism, assists us to collaborate and create trust and  a positive change in our community.


Teamwork is everything. Success, like a good drink, becomes great if enjoyed with colleagues and friends.


Motivation, passion, dedication to work are the pillars of Steklarna Hrastnik, and they are what enhances and strengthens participation in an optimistic, connected, trusted community that co-creates a better business environment. And AmCham is just that – an environment where ideas get wings.


Right people, ambitious investors, fruitful gatherings, succesful business – always high and positive expectations from the AmCham Slovenia Business Bridge.


Only those with a sustainable vision are successful. We are distinguished by our professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness to change. We achieve this through secure, advanced technologies and services, supported by artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making. #togehterisbest


We are looking for new opportunities and improvements for the communities in which we operate and set an example with our work for others in order to build a better and more successful society in Slovenia.


The world is changing fast and life is becoming complex. McDonald's, however, remains simple and domestic, as we adapt to change, but in our essence, we stay the same.


Thinking optimistically opens the door to promising and positive opportunities. The ability to see and praise a job well done is the one that connects us with other people during both the blooming times as well as less pleasant periods.


In the last two decades, the demands for continuous improvement have never dried up, and good ideas have always created new opportunities. The same applies in the future: it is up to us whether we embrace changes, follow them, or continue to co-create them.


The one who knows, has the advantage. At Bisnode we know that AmCham Slovenia has been in the lead for 20 years. Why? Because we share the challenge of paving the way for success with passion that is curiously seeking and courageously finding answers on how to refine, enhance and connect the business environment to further motivate an inspired community.


In the business world, trust is crucial. We are building it as a lifelong partner to our clients. Innovative and personalized solutions for their safety and satisfaction, as well as creating new opportunities for common growth and a better life.


In an era of exponential growth and social progress, it is all the more important that we are able to constantly innovate and make sense of the world around us, and to communicate in an articulate and holistic way. Only then can we be (even more) successful and competitive.


Knauf Insulation's corporate values ​​- entrepreneurship, dedication, innovation and humanity – in many aspects coincide with AmCham's activities, projects and efforts. We are proud to be part of this "flock" that flies high, raising all of us – both on an entrepreneurial as well as personal level. Congratulations on 20 successful years.


Ideas are born all the time and everywhere. It is important to persist even after the others have already given up.


Let's take on challenges optimistically, develop our talents, build sustainable partnerships with innovative approaches and introduce new technologies that can lead to the advancement of science and a better tomorrow.


Connecting and collaborating bring new ideas and are the key to overcoming obstacles.


Every company needs to put a lot of effort, will and innovation to stay in the business world. But because we work with people, a personal approach is important as it connects us. By connecting we achieve much more.