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The only way is in cooperation – among us, between the economy and politics, among countries… The key word is ACTION. You are invited to go into action with us!

Invited all who want to be actively involved at establishing Slovenian development plan and individually developing own idea or join formed groups, at which you altogether contribute ideas.

You are kindly requested to present on a max. of 5 PPT slides, how the state should set its development strategy and where are our key advantages. The presentation should last 7 minutes.

This time it is not about seeking a winner, but to find a common idea, which will be presented by the Members of AmCham Young Leaders Club to the Slovenian and foreign businessmen and the government officials.

In order not to merely wait for »them«, who are actually ourselves. Are you with us?

If you are willing to cooperate, please, send your ideas in short till Wednesday, 5 March 2014 to maja.kosir@amcham.si