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Manpower presented two surveys:

-Manpower Employment Outlook Survey

-Talent Shortage Survey 2011

Employment Outlook Survey:

-for the third quarter of 2011, participants are employers

-independent research, outside experts

-the EMEA region: 17 out of 21 countries predict employment growth

Forecast for Slovenia: net employment growth of 7%, the largest increase of employment in the region SW and NE, the highest increase of employment will be in transport, tourism, manufacturing, nothing in public sector and wholesale trade.

Talent Shortage Survey:

-performed annually in 39 countries, 40 000 respondents

-34% of employers in the world cannot find appropriate staff

-most wanted occupation: technicians, sales representatives, qualified workers, engineers, managers

Forecast for Slovenia: lack of qualified workers, maintenance staff, engineers, drivers, sales representatives, applicants for certain jobs need more technical knowledge, experience