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10th Meeting, AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM with special guest John Cohn, PhD, IBM, IBM Internet of Things Division

Ljubljana, May 12, 2016

»It is often true when we say that the best comes at the end. John was one of the most inspiring people that I had the opportunity to meet during the AmCham program. His positive and concise view on exponential technological development in correlation with ethical challenges has found a deep understanding within my personal aspirations and view on the world in front of us. We need to step away from the concept of fear, act playful, make mistakes and consider ourselves as a part of a group which strives to drive the society towards the greater good. Peace and love are John’s best friends and tools for coding a better society tomorrow. Let us embrace that, and never give up! Thank you John!«

– Uroš Klančar, Lek

»Put more playfulness into your work; Don’t act based on fear and don’t take it too seriously; Rather come out openhearted, from perspective of greatest possible good and have fun. Sometimes, in big companies you have to break some rules for a good reason to get an idea to life.«

– Gašper Kranjc, KPMG

»Act out of love not out of fear. Be more goofy, play more often. Reinvent yourself. Constantly.«

– Manca Kodermac, Taman

»Don’t be afraid of technology, actively shape it!«

– Nastja Stojanovska, Studio Moderna

»Daily we complain how internet following us and knows everything about us (what we like, which place we had visited,…). In the other side we expect the internet to know where in the city`s best capuccino and where we can buy cheapest plane ticket.«

– Nina Marcelan, FMG Group

»Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself from time to time and you have to screw-up more.«

– Tine Lenarčič, Microsoft