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Volunteers encourage solidarity
Associations, schools, municipalities and private companies will help local volunteers with the organization of unique events all around Slovenia. Participants and other visitors will have the opportunity to exchange used but still useful and valuable items for a symbolic fee. All the funds raised through such exchange will be donated to the fund dedicated to financing socio-economically deprived children’s attendance of their school’s outdoor camps.

Private companies can take on the important role of activators! You can:

find local organiser of the Make a Difference Day event and offer your cooperation;

collect items for the exchange with your employees and invite family and friends to support the event;

encourage employees to get involved and help with the execution of the event;

help promoting local event – the exchange of items by hanging poster in public or private premises, promote it on your website or in your newsletter etc.

if possible, provide storage space for the items;

donate your company’s products for the purpose of the exchange or provide local volunteers and visitors with water, cookies etc.

More http://www.prostovoljstvo.org/aktivnosti/dan-za-spremembe

Manual http://www.prostovoljstvo.org/resources/files/pdf/aktivnosti/Prirocnik_Dan_za_spremembe_2013.pdf

Contact for you: Vesna Savnik, Slovenska filantropija (vesna.savnik@filantropija.org, 01 232 11 80 ali 051654726).