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Ljubljana, January 19, 2017. If you learn to recognize how the elementary fears affect your professional development and the quality of your everyday life, you can also learn with a little practice and personal coaching how to overcome them.

What motivates us, represents our values.  By knowing our fears you get to know the values behind certain behavior and decisions.

Three elementary fears that we face our entire life are:

   "I do not have enough” — leads to need for power, authority, glamour, status in the society.

   "I am not valued enough" —  leads to jealousy, manipulation, discrimination.

   "I am not worth enough" —  leads to control, corruption, dominance, vigilance.

What were your impressions?

Young Leaders Club is an amazing network of young exceptional leaders who want to grow, both personally and professionally. It enables me to connect with other like-minded individuals. First event was about getting empowered and overcoming your fears in order to become the best version of yourself. In my opinion this is definitely one of the most important topics in today's business world; especially for young leaders.

Sabina Đuvelek, Ypsilon Institute

Teja was very convincing and authentic. The information, knowledge and passion she shared with us should be included in elementary school programs and every-day-parenting. Coaching and its values are very important in finding inner-worth and motivation for self-growth. Loved it!

Tamara Zalar, Tajfun d.o.o.