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On a rainy Sunday morning, members of AmCham Young Leaders Club were standing in front of Residential Care Home Preddvor waiting for the seniors to slowly take over the lead. The visit was held in the framework of Giving back to the community, the aim of which is not only to volunteer, but to transfer corporate social responsibility into the DNA of our member companies and their employees, our superheroes.

Nice gathering started with young leaders entering into a friendly environment where age does not matter. In order nobody missed the big Sunday event personal touch was a must – with individual personal invitations of all residents the young leaders made sure everyone joined the event in the lobby.

Soon the lobby was filled with smiling faces full of expectations. At 10am the music began to play. Musicians from the music school Bučar (Glasbena šola Bučar) brought some of the seniors almost to their feet and most of them began to sing along with typical Slovenian melodies.


Music session was followed by tombola where everyone got a present. Handing out small prizes sparked a light in several wrinkled eyes.  


The event finished with a conversation at coffee and biscuits where young leaders got plenty of good advice. The golden three were as follows:

1) You need to live every day in a way that you will not regret the things you have not done once you get old.

2) No matter how old you are you can never get old enough to lose a sense of humor and the spark in your eyes.

3) It does not matter how much money you have. What matters the most is how many people come for a visit.

Despite the bad weather the visit brought sun in seniors’ day and reminded young leaders about the importance of collaboration and mutual help. And the one thing to remember the most – once you are part of a great team nothing is impossible.


~ Young Leaders Dream Team

Anže Kalan (Goodyear), Zoran Čavlovič Gril (Goodyear), Gregor Vlahinič (Goodyear), Klara Miletič (Wolf Theiss), Petra Mršnik (Medis), Marko Pavlović (Gorenjska borznoposredniška družba), Tjaša Sobočan (Simbioza Genesis), Blaž Kandrič (Ernst&Young), Klemen Gartner (Pfizer), Sanja Slejko (Procter & Gamble) and Eva Veselinovič (Ernst & Young)