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»Matej proved once more that the best leaders and motivators are very simple and modest people. But even more important: they are humans in the first place.«

Luka Plesec, MPharm., Customer Meeting Services, Eli Lilly farmacevtska družba

»I was very inspired with Matej’s presence in the room and his calm, warm, open and withy personality. His vast level of energy which is almost infections, was flying throughout the room. I can imagine how well can all this attributes and talents help him at motivating his coworkers, direct reports and everybody else in his vicinity. His big family, huge passion for sport and other personal interest he successfully fulfills just make him even a bigger role model.«

Tomaž švajger, Red Bull Sales Manager, ROISS DVA d.o.o.

»Matej showed why he’s able to lead international and multi-cultural teams with his charm, wits and vast knowledge. Hearing his talk filled everyone in the room with additional motivation to strive for their goals and to set them higher.«

Jože Pfeifer, Project Manager, Comtrade

»I did not know Matej before or at least I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him before. I was expecting someone on his position to be more unapproachable.

Nowadays there is less and less real personal contacts among people, modern technology forces us to alienate one from each other. This is also the reason why I think how important it is to have real personal contacts which are sincere and honest.

Every good leader should possess the following ankles of triangle: family, work and personal interests. It is important that all ankles are balanced.

Matej made such an important influence on me, when sharing tears and his passion with us.«

Rok Rogelj, Program manager, SRC

»In my opinion, the most inspiring lesson of yesterday’s meeting with Mr. Potokar was as follows: Nowadays, during this difficult economic period, confronted by changes and social malaise, while managers and leaders have more or less mastered the structural side of managing changes and their leadership skills, to be respected and a good leader to your colleagues, you have to remind yourself to never forget that first and foremost you always have to remain human.«

Sara Lednik, Assignment Manager, Amrop Adria

»Emotional intelligence is gaining on importance in business world and therefore every leader needs to establish his own way of communication with his colleagues so that people trust him. Trust is a value which is a prerequisite for following someone. Therefore every leader needs to obtain three aspects of trust which is so called triangular model – trust from family (by being real and good person to your family), trust from colleagues (by being good and trustfull coworker), personal trust (by taking time for yourself). Major importance is to find proper balance between them to obtain stability in your life.«

Rok Kobilica, Central demand planner for CSEE region for Truck tires & Sales&Operations Planning coordinator, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires