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2nd Meeting AmCham Young Professionals™

Ljubljana, September 10, 2015

»Openness, transparency, integrity; three the most important qualities of great leader, as Mr. Matej Potokar told us in his instructive, inspired and interesting presentation. Nowadays, great leaders are those who encourage and bring out the best of others. How to move people out of comfort zone is not easy to explain, and there is no single answer, because of employees of different character, and a good leader needs to recognize such diversity and react accordingly. And thus, as we learnt today, the main role of leadership is in inspiring and maximizing the work passion and performance of others.«

Manca Kunavar, B
usiness Development & Operations Coordination, SGS Slovenija

»Passion, responsibility, teamwork and collaboration, openness, transparency, emotional and social intelligence, integrity, business track record and setting the limits are words and links that encourage me to think more deeply about leadership. Definitely inspiring and educational, and yet another proof that the leadership is a true art.«

Mateja Panjan, Human Resource and Communication Coordinator Commercial Controls, Danfoss Heating Segment

»It was a privilege listening to someone who shares his business experience with such honesty, frankness, and enthusiasm. Once again I realized that the adage “be yourself” is one truly worth following.«

Tanja Esih, Advertising Creatives Specialist, TSmedia

»Today I am still under deep impression by his words. Above all I will remember his statement that performance of leaders should be assessed also by the progress (personal and professional) of his employees. This thought I immediately put in the group of principles which I use at my daily work.«

Nina Langerholc Čebokli, Head of Ministers Office, Ministry of Public Administration

»Matej answered on many questions. But he also gave us an important advise which should be used in business and personal life “In life, you can always choose”.«

Alen Bevk, Head of Corporate Busines
s, Kompas

»Presentation was fascinating. Matej Pokar’s words are still on my mind. Great energy and a lot of open-minded wonderful people.«

Urška Granda, Project manager, Salveo

»Demanding but fair, bringing out the passion and respecting the individual. These were just a few of the key emphasis made by Matej Potokar about how a leader should be towards his employees. I found the debate very inspiring and insightful. Especially the part about open communication and challenging one another to spark out-of-the box thinking, which are important advantages in my work.«

Meta Simčič, MSc, Assistant Manager, Deal Advisory, KPMG poslovno svetovanje

»The second meeting of the AmCham Young Professionals, whose guest was Mr. Matej Potokar was inspiring. A unique example of how to make a complex topic easy to understand and entertaining at the same time. Matej Potokar is a man of incredible energy that completely fills even a great hall.«

Marko Kranjc, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

»IQ vs EQ vs SQ – how to find a correct balance? Which one will define our l future leaders? With the information revolution we are becoming more and more individual specialist with a high IQ and very little or no EQ+SQ, everything is becoming virtual and the human contact is slowly fading. Or is there a new revolution coming where EQ+SQ will be the wining combination for a successful leaders and professionals? «

Katarina Ljušič, Key Account Manager, TNT Express Worldwide

»Yesterday’s meeting had been special for me because after a long time I sat on the bench which I cast years of my student life. Regard to the meeting / seminar I would however say that I was a proponent of the “less is more” and that there is a higher level in terms of relationships. As Matthew said, first of all be a human. I got a feeling and now I think about how easy it is, in essence. Everything else (theory) is easy to learn and. Yust repeat until you get used to it. Maybe we were just a little too negative, when we asked questions but Matej with his team took care and relaxed level with its unique and really intuitive sense of humor. I look forward to work in a team with all colleges as well. Socialize with a drink at the end was a pure win.«

Mitja Zorko, Optiprint

A good leader doesn’t have knowledge about everything, but knows to ask right questions at right time

Blaž Klinar, NLB Vita