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With Matej Potokar, MBA, General Manager, Microsoft Services Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), President of AmCham Slovenia. AmCham Young Professionals 4th generation 10th – last- Meeting

>> Emotional intelligence is recognized as one of the key virtues of leadership. I am pleased that I can fully agree and identify with discussion of AmCham Slovenia president Matej Potokar. AmCham Young Professionals is innovative program that allows social networking with colleagues from other disciplines and opinon sharing with top experts from business field.

The program is fresh, has positive attitude and is challenging. It can take you »out of the box« at any moment. <<

Kristian Ljubič, Country Portfolio Lead, Pfizer Slovenia

>> I welcome the decision, that the last official lecture for the AmCham Young Professional group was thematically focus on the area of emotional intelligence. Given today’s competitive environment, I believe, that developed emotional intelligence is the last line of defence, which allows the sellers and people in managerial functions to maintain their humanity, integrity and socially responsible behaviour, three values that despite the pressure and desire for success should never be forgotten or allowed to become endangered. <<

Žiga štajner, Software Territory Leader, IBM

>> It is a special honor to be chosen among the most perspective talents who will create a better future. Genuine wish of constant improving and to be even more successful is the best description for every single member of 4th Generation of Young Professionals. Thank you for unforgettable experience and new friendships. <<

Gašper Kračman, Call Center Manager, Studio Moderna

>> It’s absolutely refreshing to listen to someone who exudes, not only talks about emotional intelligence. We had a unique opportunity to talk to the President of AmCham Slovenia, Matej Potokar. Among other things he reminded us how important it is for leaders to keep their team members motivated and that sometimes, doing that is in the little things, one just needs to listen. AmCham Young Professionals has once again proven itself as an outstandingly organized and motivational “knowledge machine”. Their top team made this get-together extremely positive, enjoyable and enabled future Slovenian leaders to socialize. Absolutely worth the time and energy! <<

Nika Rakonjac, Account Director, Publicis

>> Yesterdays meeting was extraordinary, as Mr. Matej Potokar explained, with his past experiences, the values of great leaders. Solid personal values, integrity and human approach in leading and developing people are the most important. Very sincere and inspiring.

Congratulations to all of you at AmCham for creating new opportunities for young leaders.

Thank you for an amazing journey, priceless experience and the possibility to meet exceptional colleagues. I look forward to mentorship program and all future meetings. <<

Maja Majstorović Hajduković, HR manager, Comtrade