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2nd AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM Meeting, 10 September 2014

We´re all good individual singers, pianists or drummers. What is important for us as individuals is to regularly check the quality of our instruments. What is important for the AmCham community is to find the way how to tune the orchestra. The Slovenian Economy is our listener and I believe that we´re on the right place for best music. Thank you for the first AmCham Young pro experience. Keep charismatic!

Rok Kobilica Msc., demand planner, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires

The most is important is to have a goal you want to achieve. And a lot of courage to follow it.

Nataša Mulec, deputy of Secretary general for legal affairs, University of v Ljubljana Faculty of Economics

Charismatic leaders use a wide range of methods to create their image, search for talents and build the successful business team. To achieve your goal it is important to overcome your own fears and establish a respectful and trustworthy relationship with your colleagues.

Ermina Kamenčić, Senior legal counsel, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

A true leader owns its talent with great responsibility and enthusiasm. To be able to transform inspirations into actions is the biggest added value of charismatic leaders.

Tjaša Sobočan, Project Manager, Ypsilon Institute

Maria and Enzo immediately took over the audience with their humor and charisma and shared a variety of experience and advice from their successful careers. Thank you!

Jernej Repovž, Head of Helpdesk, Halcom

Maria Anselmi is a proof that living a dream is possible. A simple and wonderfully charismatic person with a clear vision and incredible energy. Yesterday’s meeting was a fantastic experience, filled with special magnetism.

Klavdija Merc, Advisor, Ministry for infrastructure and spatial planning

Enzo Smrekar: Fear is not necessary bad thing. If fear helps us, to raise our adrenaline to do something, than fear is positive. If fear is the one that wakes us up at the morning, to do something good that day, it is positive as well. Fear is negative, when it is stopping us from doing something. It is important that we can teach ourselves to control negative fear.

Rok Rogelj, Program manager, SRC

Thank you AmCham for an excellent selection of the guests. I must say that I was very impressed with Maria and her energy and excellent advises. One of the best ones is that you need to set clear expectations. Not only in business world but also in private life. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

Petra Janežič, SC Process Improvement Manager Sr., Danfoss Trata

Our first meeting gave me a completely new perspective of the fact, that for your own success you have to work off your own limits and deal with your own fears. More opportunities you create, more chances to success. Nobody is perfect, so spend your energy on your competences and forget your deficits.

Suzana Modic, CEO’s Business Assistant, TSmedia

Charisma, leadership, sense of people. Maria Anselmi and Enzo Smrekar give an impression as people, who push the boundaries and expect the same from talented people; allow fails, if employees learn from them; who adopted fear as a positive feeling, which makes us responsible; who know, how to lead people towards the goals and get them on their side. They surely did convince me.

Maja Radišek, Project manager, Moje delo