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Manager or leader? Leader is not a title. Leader has an advantage in formulating his role by himself. How to embrace values and follow personal mission? We talked with Sonja Klopčič, entrepreneur, manager and leader, on this topic. 


Workshop with Ms. Sonja Klopčič was really interesting and at first glance it seemed that creating a personal mission shouldn’t be a problem. But going through the process of creating it, I came across some dilemmas that resulted in devoting my thoughts to really knowing myself and being able to express my core values, strengths and talents. As contribution to company’s performance, on one hand, and to the team you work with, on the other, means a lot, personal mission can help you to stay on track, knowing why you really are an important part of company you work in.

Maja Čuden, Amrop


Sonja Klopčič's workshop left a surprising effect. While the lecture on leadership was reduced to a bare minimum, the main part of the evening was comprised of our own initiative and self-reflection training. It turns out this may be the best possible approach to exploring the qualities of good leadership: getting to know oneself and having a clear vision of one's own mission in life. An example of my personal motto is thus "Achieve all you can achieve. With words, knowledge and discipline create your own future."

Bojana Kenda, Aviat