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The socially responsible project – the Summer Economics Institute 2013 (SEI 2013) – a program within USAlumni, jointly prepared by American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia and the U.S. Embassy

The special SEI Training Program enables to twenty top-level, highly motivated students of 2nd or higher grade from many Universities in Slovenia and of various study programs to pursue the practice or internship in selected companies that are Members of AmCham Slovenia, and at the same time with a Special Seminar encourages them to proactively apply the knowledge they acquired at the university to real business ideas (aspects) and furthermore to subsequently carry them out.

Also this year the SEI Program will be held in July (July 1- July 31, 2013). We wish to with such type of training that efficiently connects the study with economy and is already a well-established and accepted practice abroad, enable quality and valuable working experiences also to the Slovenian students and at the same time offer them an introduction to the understanding of business in the economy.

Four days of each week will be thus dedicated to practice; i.e. training students (under mentorship) in an enterprise, whereas one day of each week will be intended for the Seminar of Practical Entrepreneurship and Economy, with the aim to encourage self-initiative of students at entrepreneurial activity.

The Seminar will consist of elaborate interactive lectures of a chosen professor as well include excursions and interesting and topical lectures of invited speakers.

In 2012, the program has been successfully completed by the first group of students, who were in the evaluation study and were impressed with the program and its results.

»/ .. / We did not have to engage only in business but also in lectures, where we had to develop own entrepreneurial ideas. I believe it has been very useful as we are often taught at the universities to merely memorize a subject matter and not to be innovative or develop new, own ideas.« Tamara Juričič

»The Program Summer Economic Institute made me think in an “out-of-the box” manner, while the closing project gave me an idea for a professional career. If there was on me to change anything, I would extend the program from one to two months.« Lana švab

»I was at the SEI Program assigned to the company Bisnode, the provider of decision support information. I found myself in a young, fresh team, full of energy and passion for work. Although, in the beginning, I was not much familiar with the field of work – marketing – I had been assigned to, I soon gained the necessary skills and enjoyed in learning very much. The employees did their best and encouraged my creativity for which I have gained lots of experience. The company, the work and the people have become attached to me in such a way that I remained there also after my completed practice and I am as a matter of fact still working there.« Tamara Kajtazović

»I have very fond memories of SEI 2012! Furthermore, the knowledge gained in the program has already helped me at my current job. It is a result especially from the practice that we completed in the companies – it was a unique opportunity for the insight into the ways of good business practices of reputable companies, which would otherwise be hard to experience during our studies. Since we have been in the companies for the purpose of “hands-on” learning, we gained in addition to connections also the knowledge which we would probably otherwise obtain much more slowly./…/ »I liked the general focus on the business aspect – Monday lectures were practical, clear and above all motivational. They influenced me predominantly in the sense of deviation from technical rigorousness to the reflection of possibilities of actual sales, progress of implementation and soft skills, of which we, engineers too often forget. The analysis of the process of establishing a company was an incentive for self-employed business /start-up and self-actualization as opposed to traditional vision of the work as a necessary evil.« Jaka Demšar

»Personally I find the SEI Program as a unique experience in the Slovenian area as to my knowledge it is the only program for entrepreneurship in Slovenia that not only provides students with theoretical insights into entrepreneurship through interesting lectures and through their own project creating under the direction of renowned foreign professors but also enables them to substantiate their experiences by working in a company where they can obtain the impression of their work as well. Such experience gives the student an exceptional insight into what the essence of entrepreneurship is, what it includes and what it requires from a person.« Jure Česnik

»I see the Program as very useful for highly motivated students because it provides an excellent academic practice experience and an opportunity to participate in the working process and is furthermore essential from the point of view of awareness and opening of job possibilities (especially in the field of entrepreneurship).« Ajda Rogelj

»Immediately after completing the program, I was employed for an indeterminate term. SEI has indirectly contributed to it as it gave me an added value and trustfulness.« Pola Mally

More information on the SEI 2013 program, conditions for participation and application form may be found HERE