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Investments are drivers of economic growth. Their size and allocation determine further production capabilities, labour market, human & technological development and the use of available natural resources. 

Only successful and appropriate investments will drive development and economic growth, therefore having the right development strategy and its implementation is a key success factor. When planning development strategies, it is absolutely necessary to define criteria which measure strategic goals achievements and strategic partner, who will help you develop and implement your development strategy and bring value to your investment. 

Each market is different and has its own challenges, but every market offers opportunities which can bring value for investors. Investment in human capital is critical. In Slovenia we have huge human capital, success stories and lots of opportunities to create further development.

Our goal is to attract potential investors and present them opportunities which will bring value. We need to create attractive and stable economic and regulatory environment which will attract future investors and create meaningful opportunities. Slovenia needs to become meaningful strategic investment opportunity for future investors, who will enable their and our sustainable development.