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When it comes to investing in companies, it is necessary to be very precise. Investing into entering a new market, green field, new production facilities, digitalization, robotization, marketing – each of them demand different approaches, time, resources. But no matter which investment we talk about, none of them will be successful unless you invest in people first. Investments into the professional development of employees have far-reaching effects, from more confident employees, to increased productivity, to more satisfied customers. 

That is our focus at Trimo, which has already made a difference and brings results. We are growing, particularly in Western Europe, working for respectable clients and brands. We finalized our internal reorganization and put new structures in place, we established goal-oriented programs for employees that fit our internal culture, like the Excellence 18+ program, our Eco day for employees or our young potentials program through which we offer our talents additional education etc. 

In parallel, we are investing in R&D, we are closely monitoring trends and market needs to upgrade products and services further and faster. We are providing cutting edge digital solutions, like BIM libraries, renderings and virtual reality applications to support and facilitate the planning of architects.

Investing in people is investing in growth. It is investing in change and it helps you stay at the top.