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Healthy Lifestyle Symposium (HLS) annually gathers experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, kinesiology, and nutrition from around the globe to discuss scientific advances and research trends in preventive approaches towards healthy living. It is organized by 24alife, Mikropis Holding, and other important partners.

This year’s topic is going to be Rubik Cube of Workplace Health Promotion. How to assemble it? This invite is intended to all human resource experts, health promoters, those responsible for workplace health promotion programs, and those who are interested in this field. The invite is also intended for experts who are responsible for the wellbeing of others.

The organizer of the Symposium, our member and partner Mikropis, also offers a special offer for you to join the Symposium free of charge. The Symposium will take place on May 14-15, 2018, in Ljubljana. Apply HERE.

The idea of a holistic approach towards healthy living and lifestyle changes based on a firm scientific background was born in Slovenia, and every year, more and more eminent guests decide to partake in the lively discussions and lectures. From 2011, HLS has hosted more than 100 expert speakers and 1500 delegates from around the globe who have discussed the latest practices and experiences on preventive health topics.

Each year, the world’s leading topics are discussed in terms of preventive health, healthy living, and lifestyle. Some of the most renowned guests come from the world's most reputable institutes, such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Slovenian Universities, and other global representatives of different companies and organizations. Experts share their knowledge about world advancement in the medical field, preventive health care, and well-being programs each year. 

The HLS is organized to gather the newest information and advancements in the fields of health, kinesiology, occupational medicine, psychology, nutrition, well-being, and lifestyle. Every year, a different leading topic based on world trends is discussed, including managing stress at work, the myth and reality of a healthy lifestyle, and occupational stress.

At HLS, 24alife shows their yearly advancements and improvements, and discussion boards are held in order to discuss ideas on how to bring people what they need – information, advice, reminders, automated guided programs, and more so that keeping the most precious value of health and happiness is made easier for everyone.