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International Conference FEEL2013 (Future Ethical Effective Leadership) is an event dedicated to the future of leadership. Within the Conference program, AmCham Slovenia is organizing a Business Breakfast with a special guest from the United States of America, Lisa Stewart, Director of the Research Centre Initiative for Business in Society (IBiS), Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA.

We have found ourselves in a transitional period, in which all the rules of previous decades do not hold true anymore, while the guidelines for the future have not been set yet. How to proceed? Upon what should we build? To where should we direct to?

You are kindly invited to join us, as we are convinced that together we will find solutions to these answers!

The purpose of the International Conference FEEL 2013 is making the public aware of the vision of the future leadership by outlining (a) an ethical leader, led by personal values, (b) an ethical leader, who follows and changes the values of cultural environment, in which the organization operates, (c) an ethical leader, who creates a relaxed organizational climate for creative work of co-workers with the connective leadership, (d) an ethical leader, who with leadership searching for synergies provides an effective team and project cooperation.

The Conference is meant for members of the supervisory boards of corporations, presidents and members of management boards and directors of corporations, managers and human resource directors, other managers and directors, academicians and students and all those who are occupied with the ethics of leadership, organizational culture and organizational climate and with creative and project teams management.

More on the Conference FEEL 2013 may be found HERE.