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The state encourages supplemental pension insurance with a tax allowance of up to 5,844% of gross salary (but not more than 2.755€ in 2012).

If you have individual supplemental pension insurance you can substantially reduce your personal income tax (Example: for 1.500€ net monthly salary you can reduce your personal income tax for 713€, if you pay a yearly insurance premium of 1.731€. Effectively the insurance costs you only 1.019€/year or 85€/month and if you will retire after 20 years you will be paid an additional pension in the value of 208€/month).

Companies can also insure their employees and guarantee them better pensions. The state encourages companies with a tax allowance on premiums paid for supplemental pension insurance and companies can also reduce their yearly income tax.

For more information on the best form of supplemental pension insurance for you and your company, please contact us.

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