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The conference is aimed at all professional profiles with different roles in insolvency proceedings. Its main focus is presentation of experiences and good practices in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

The focus of the first day will be restructuring proceedings with the emphasis on factoring refinancing operations as one of the methods of restructuring. First, valuation of assets will be discussed, since an accurate valuation is critical for proper dealing with such method of restructuring. The conference will continue with the presentation of good practices in restructuring by a renowned lawyer and an expert from one of the banks. Buying mortgage debt will also be presented as a mode of “payment” for a real estate. The first conference day will be concluded by a panel discussion on legal issues surrounding the transfer of receivables hedged by lien.

Soon, we will mark ten years since an institute of civil bankruptcy was introduced in Slovenian legal order, yet it still provokes numerous dilemmas. Issues on the release of liabilities in the civil bankruptcy proceedings and a relation between civil bankruptcy proceedings and execution will be discussed by experts on the second conference day. Case law on the issue will be presented, as well as enforcement of the right of exclusion. The second conference day will be also concluded by a panel discussion, featuring procedural standing of a party and interested parties in the bankruptcy proceedings

You are kindly invited to join us – January 25 and 26, 2017 in Ljubljana!

Organized by the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, Planet GV, Tax-Fin-Lex and Institute for Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana

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