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We hosted an event with a professional basketball player, Radoslav Nesterovič. He had a privilege to play in the most prestigious league in the world – NBA league. Basketball clubs in US are worth around 1,25 billion dollars, New York Knicks even 3 billion. These estimations rise and fall due to the popularity of the games and interest of the visitors.

“Rašo” described his experience in the US as unforgettable and very educative. The basketball players in NBA league are true celebrities and get plenty of benefits together with multimillion contracts. These benefits include a personal doctor, agent and security team.

The club expects players full dedication and 100% physical and mental condition for the games, which happen to be every second day. This is just a short insight from the event and later that evening we were happy to participate at qualifications for Eurobasket 2017 where Slovenia won the ticket to the championship over Bulgaria.

Congrats to the team from AmCham Team!