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Innovative methods of teaching in Slovenian schools that promote thinking and creativity are the basis for the knowledge required for the work of the future.

The AmCham Future of Work and Edducation Committee members have identified two innovative teaching methods: Teaching outside the classroom (School Outside – SOS) that Renata Filipič together with colleagues is developing at the Valentin Vodnik elementary school in Ljubljana, and the introduction of entrepreneurship and developing one own's business ideas, the result of the efforts of Janez Gorenc, a teacher at the Novo Mesto Gymnasium.

School outside activities include learning and teaching activities carried out as a combination of an open learning environment (near a park, shop, pond, forest, gallery, etc.), active young people and pioneering teaching and learning methods. The method often combines various disciplines and children of different ages.

Janez Gorenc started introducing entrepreneurship in education using the Korda Method, developed by Doris Korda, a teacher and entrepreneur from Cleveland (more at Wildfire-education.org),and is also a co-organizer of start-up weekends for teachers, together with Spirit Slovenia.

The focus of the committee remains the changing labor legislation.