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We live in an era of global digital transformation with unprecedented cross-border flows of technologies, ideas, and information. We also live in a world where a fusion of ground-breaking technologies, such as artificial intelligence, mixed/virtual reality, and internet of things, is blurring the lines between the physical and digital domains. Technologies that were just starting to develop last year are rapidly becoming mainstream, and in turn they are opening new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Therefore, it is quite understandable that this digital transformation is dominating business discussions everywhere. Companies of all kinds are rethinking the role technology plays in how they operate, interact with customers and partners, and a wider circle of stakeholders. Innovative start-ups, agile SMEs and forward-looking corporations are racing to adopt technology to thrive in this global digital economy. But knowing that digital transformation matters is one thing, going about it in the right way is another. To ensure that technology truly empowers people and unlocks growth we must invest in people, entrepreneurship spirit and strong digital culture.