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Ljubljana, 6 December 2012 – We are faced with a very low level of trust within all the social strata in Slovenia. The distrust has according to the latest survey recently deepened even further. How to rebuild trust and what are the steps that need to be taken were the main issues discussed by representatives from the fields of economy, politics, media, trade unions and legal profession on the event In the Circle of Trust. The event that was held today in the partnership of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia, Association Manager, Consulting and Communication Agency Pristop, Agency Ninamedia and Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia, was the first in the series of events with the main aim of enhancing the future development of Slovenia.

The research on ´Trust in Slovenia´ took place in October and November and was carried out among the representatives of general public and the representatives of economy, media, politics and trade unions. The study tried to find solutions to the key questions – to whom and to what extent the general public (dis)trusts and on which stage is the (dis)trust among the representatives of economy, trade unions, politics and media. In general, one can assert that the level of trust in Slovenia is low. Namely, the results show that there exists a distinct distrust of the general public towards the judiciary and managers, politics and church, the confidence in trade unions and media is also low. A higher level of confidence is expressed into family, school and health care systems as well towards direct superiors though. More information regarding this matter is available on the web page link – Zaupanje v Sloveniji/ Trust in Slovenia.

The survey results, in particular as concerns the actual measures that the representatives of economy, media, politics and trade unions can take in order to increase confidence, were the main topics of the event In the Circle of Trust. The discussion and the search for solutions among the participants of the event were led by eight esteemed panelists – Dr Miro Cerar, Professor, Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, Uroš Hakl, Head of Corporative Communication and Consulting at Pristop, mag. Samo Hribar Milič, President and General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Lidija Jerkič, President of the Union of the Metal and Electric Industry, Matej Potokar, President of the American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia, mag. Špela Šipek, Editor of the Daily-News Program 24 ur/24 Hours POP TV, mag. Dejan Turk, Chairman of the Manager Association and mag. Andrej Vizjak, Minister of Labor, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

The guests agreed and concluded that for the establishment of trust, we first and foremost need a clear vision on the basis of which we will be able to strengthen the development of Slovenia and its society, which cannot be achieved without fulfilling the promises given.