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"I live my values and I do not have a masterplan. I know what I want to do in my life and what values I will develop, no matter where," said Boris Koprivnikar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration in his talk to AmCham Young Professionals. He lives the story of Slovenia, the green reference country in digital Europe.

Values were in the center of discussion.


Refreshing to see and hear a politician in a relaxed setting, talking about values and his work in the government. His passion and drive to change things for better left a very positive impression on me.

Breda Kovač, Studio Moderna


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration Mr. Boris Koprivnikar gave us an insightful look into the art of change management in public sector. His values for passion, collaboration, and trust presented and explained to us in great detail were a true inspiration. He did not only erase stereotypes we might have had on the system of public service but taught us of the importance on how to find connection and balance between the nation's stakeholders as well as "independent silos" as he referred to the ministries.

Žan Dapčevič, MIC Academia


The inner mechanisms of public administration are unknown to many working in the private sector and there is an even greater lack of understanding regarding the initiatives for improvement proposed by one ministry or another. Our discussion with the Deputy Prime Minister proved invaluable in this respect, since it shed light on some of the dilemmas the state has to face in its endeavors to lead Slovenia into a brighter future, and with it increased our trust in a positively focused development. It is not hard to imagine that a world full of people who think with a similar degree of optimism, common sense and decisiveness as Boris Koprivnikar, would be a better world for all.

Bojana Kenda, Aviat


A simple recipe for a successful career path by Minister Koprivnikar: “Whatever you do in life, do it with passion and in line with your principles. Be bold and innovative. Follow the goals you set yourself and surround yourself with people whom you can trust. And lastly, stop looking for excuses.

Matej Gregorec, Ministry of Foreign Affairs