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On 15th September the deadline for enterprise as candidates for the Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS 2010 will be over. The call for it was published under honorary auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia in the first days of May. We invite you to apply. The call, application form and instructions ca be fond on www.horus.si. Members of IRDO’s partner organizations can receive a 20% discount on their application.

Our call is aimed at detecting and rewarding holistic approaches of enterprises to corporate responsibility (SR). SR is much more than charity; SI is first of all honesty with no abuse beyond the criteria demanded by legislation. HORUS award is meant for enterprises that are aware of their SR and include it into their business practice: in their relations to the environment, to their coworkers and other stakeholders – business partners and broader society – and in development of their products and services. What is especially crucial is inclusion of SR in enterprises’ strategic leadership and daily practice to make SR also in the crisis times. The HORUS award will, also in 2010, be given in three categories: small, medium sized, and large enterprises. In 2009, among 11 finalists, the award was obtained by Trimo Trebnje d.d., Atech elektronika d.o.o., and Informa Echo d.o.o., while s special award was given to Prof. Dr. Jožica Knez Riedl (University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business).

For applicants a special one-day course was provided on 2 September in Ljubljana. It made their application easier. Awards giving festivity is foreseen for mid November in Ljubljana

We wish you a successful application and send you nice greetings!