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6th meeting of 9th AmCham Young Professionals generation hosted two leaders, both coming from abroad, who had found a challenge in Slovenia.

We confronted two very different styles, two distinct personalities – with us Zooullis Mina, CEO Pivovarna Laško Union 
and Adrian Ježina, CEO Telemach Slovenia.


Adrian shared his story of how he had used his sports experience (20 years of pro water polo) in business. Mainly he learned how to lose, how to persevere, how success never is 5 minutes away and to learn how to accept criticism.

Zooullis on the other hand, grew up in apartheid South Africa where there were only two options: work or beg on the street. He sees Europe as socially fair and just and a great business environment.

Values and the Future of Leadership

Setting values and motivating teams is crucial to companies success. Leader is the first ambassador of these values.

Equilibrium between freedom and responsibilty is important in leading.



Zooullis Mina: Learn to become a good listener, stay calm, be naturally curious and optimistic leaders. It is inspiring to see others grow and what we, as companies and individuals, can do for future generations.

Adrian Ježina: Learn to be entrepreneurial, believe in what you do, learn how to lose, learn from mistakes and criticism.


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