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Mag. Ajša Vodnik, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia:

»American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia is in for two important challenges in October, i.e., the International Conference US – Slovenia Business Bridge, which corresponds to our basic mission and is intended for foreign investors to invest in Slovenia and for Slovenian companies wishing to make a name in the U.S. market, by which we wish to enable more workplaces and business opportunities. With the same extent of responsibility and energy we are tackling the first week of AmCham Corporate Volunteering – Project Giving Back to Community. People who work within the companies are part of society, therefore we wish with all our heart to show that it is important that we all as a part of society support each other. In this way we wish to connect the international economy, efforts of the Slovenian Philanthropy and the vulnerable groups of our society, as it is important to be aware of the interdependence and the fact that individuals only if happy can create a happy society«.