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Zavod Ypsilon (Ypsilon Institute) as the member of the American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia and as a partner in various socially responsible projects, invited the representatives of AmCham Slovenia to present their program AmCham Young Professionals at the round table, at which they presented their new mentoring program Learn from the Best, which takes part in the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013. The team of Zavod Ypsilon wishes their program, into which all high school and university students between 15 and 30 are encouraged to join, would be revived throughout entire Slovenia.

In the evening of 19 March 2013, an interesting Round Table was held in Maribor, at which mentors and mentees discussed and explained the relations between mentors and mentees and what are the positive gains for both sides.

The Round Table participants were:

Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, mentor in the Program AmCham Mentor (NP Consulting),

Benjamin Brulc, mentee of Mrs. Črešnar Pergar in the Program AmCham Mentor (Merck Sharp & Dohme),

Aleksandra Berberih-Slana, mentor in the Ypsilon Institute Mentor Program Learn from the Best (National Liberation Museum Maribor),

Maja Ritonja, mentee in the Ypsilon Institute Mentor Program Learn from the Best

The discussion was led by Nuša Lazar, member of the Ypsilon Institute.

The organizers also prepared a musical and artistic program, and after the official part of the event, all the participants had an opportunity to chat and socialize at a smaller reception with the mentor and potential mentees.

We share the opinion of Mitja špes from the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013 Office, who after the event stated:

»We, at the European Youth Capital Maribor 2013, are very proud of the quality of the program realization and the successful transfer of documentation into reality. We believe in success and in obtaining new knowledge and in its transfer. Let us co-create«.