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How to present a story to arouse interest, gain credibility, impress, and encourage action? We mastered the public presentation skills with Martina Merslavič, trainer and Own the Room Adriatic Region Lead.

We gained training in:

  • 8 techniques for gaining and maintaining the attention of your audience
  • a shortcut for controlling stage fright
  • a structure of an effective elevator pitch

»Set the scene and open with a question, maybe a joke, keep the focus on the audience and substance, and do not think only about yourself. Always ask for feedback. ‘May the odds be ever in your favor (Hunger games).«

Darja Šribar, Studio Moderna

By using silence on stage, you achieve a greater and better effect than by using “unnecessary” fillers.

Živa Juriševič, Novo Nordisk






»Get over yourself,” is the most powerful idea that we have to accept.«

Uroš Metličar, Zavarovalnica Triglav

»Fun exercises – both welcome and useful – coaxed us out of our comfort zone. Start with a question, a story, or a joke. Be careful of filters. What did I learn? ‘Get over yourself,’ it is not about you. ‘Kill your darlings’ (fillers).«

Jan Primec, Law Firm Karanović & Nikolić, Slovenian branch office

»I often improvise and have identified myself in these descriptions of situations (focusing one oneself instead of others, thinking about what not to forget instead of how to attract audience attention etc.).«

Timotej Vitez, SVRK

»I realized how important pauses in our speech can be. We elevate the subject to a whole new level, while capturing audience attention in anticipation. We always talk about the emphases and contents, but often forget the pauses.«

Ana Grošelj, Emma

»I learned 3 things: silence is better than fillers, you always have to ask for feedback, and overcome stage freight by following this advice: ‘Get over yourself.«

Irena Petrič, Droga Kolinska