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Future of Work and Education Committee: Because the labor market is unconditionally connected with people who have the skills and knowledge for the jobs of the 21st century

From the summary of the January AmCham Business Breakfast on the topic of the global battle for talent, it is clear that the Slovenian education system is too oriented towards the mere acquisition and rote memorization of knowledge and not enough on functional skills and solving concrete problems, which in the long run affects not only life of the individuals, but especially the labor market and, consequently, contributes to the undercompetitiveness of the entire country. At some point it will become inevitable and necessary to introduce the learning of functional skills, for example such as is known in Finland with the so-called "teaching by topics," or the US hackathons, as a way to solve concrete problems.

The meetings of the Committee will also aim to raise awareness of good practices in the field of education in Slovenia, which go in the direction of integration of education and the economy and innovative learning and thinking.