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Liljana Cvjetičanin was our guide to “growth” mindsets. As a psychologist, kinetics and graphologist, Liljana is an expert  in the field of studying the individual, human internal functioning and its response to external factors and everyday life stress. She is an expert in nonverbal communication and leadership, based on emotional intelligence. 

I was amazed by power and energy of Liljana Cvjetičanin, who explained what great leader differs from good one. She opened my mind when she explained that we should think and ask ourselves the questions: »Who was your best boss ever?«. We should think and behave in the way that our employees would remember us as He was my best boss ever! Or I would do everything for him! She concluded that great leaders focus more to the subordinated employees to inspire and motivate them than to own bosses. And I completely agree with her.

Tomaž Brcar, Trimo

Liljana literally took my breath away, inspired me to think about quality of life, to question myself and be ready for anything, anywhere and anytime. Be flexible is the key!

Melnisa Begović, Head of the brand Dormeo, Studio Moderna d.o.o.

Liljana Cvjetičanin really inspired me with her energetic and meaningful lecture. Through different stories and examples she showed us that flexible thinking, fast decision making, positive energy, vision, knowledge and developed emotional intelligence are characteristics that help us grow, develop and achieve our goals. But still, at the end it's not all about what we achieve, it's also about what we give to others.

Marša Čeh, Eli Lilly

Liljana Cvjetičanin is without a doubt one of the most charismatic lecturers whose talk I have ever had the opportunity to attend, in or out of AmCham. The confidence and vision she exudes overpower you to the point where it becomes difficult to remain ambivalent to the opinions she proclaims. She delivers the promised exposure to the other side of the comfort zone bubble and at the same time provides for some heart-felt laughter. When even this is not enough, she adds a good measure of tips for understanding non-verbal communication and the audience leaves the session somewhat richer.

Bojana Kenda, Aviat








You can't stay indifferent at a workshop with Mrs. Liljana Cvjetičanin. She impressed me with her uniqueness, directness and positive energy – and not only her positive attitude towards diversity of people, but also the amount of good energy that she projects into her audience. She expresses her opinions and immense work motivation in simple and direct manner, which is reflected in self-motivation in her audience. She effectively and respectfully activates people to step out of their comfort zone and makes them realize that the only path to progress and personal growth is flexible thinking.  The workshop gave me so much positive energy, motivation, boldness and confidence that I can make a few steps I have avoided in the past.

Polona Likar Padovac, Hidria Rotomatika

Where to start with impressions, while my brain in still processing Lilijana's words. I could write indefinitely about her and also listen to her. I received a lot of positive shocking impressions and in my opinion, the workshop should be described with superlatives. Liljana Cvjetičanin fascinated me, impressed me, encouraged me, aired out my thinking processes, gave me courage, encouragement, momentum… I had the privilege to meet and listen to her, and I gladly say that she is a person that made a strong impact on me. I hope I will meet her again.

Petra Smrtnik, Gorenjski Tisk

The workshop wasn't only a »double jump out of my comfort zone«, but a minor concussion of my left and right brain hemispheres and a wind-out of my limbic system. Liljana, with her energy, positivity, her life stories and directness, provoked our lack of confidence, self-motivation, and reminded us that there are no obstacles when we have vision, and there should be no: »I can’t, I'm afraid, Ifs, I hope, Maybes…« For better picture, faster progress and achieving maximum in our life, we need high emotional intelligence, which is a base for flexible thinking.

Diana Slapnik, Lek

The session with Liljana was just what I needed this Tuesday afternoon, this month, in fact this year! She is a fountain of energy bursting with inspiring words, useful tips and valuable information. We started with a slow pace, still preoccupied with work-related thoughts from that day, but Liljana made sure we quickly stepped out of our comfort zones. She guided us through the three-hour session of flexible thinking, emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication skills in a manner exquisitely thought out but very light and casual at the same time. She sounded like a very loud but inspiring alarm clock that does not stop ringing until she awakens you to become proactive, energetic, visionary, creative, hungry for knowledge, humble and great at the same time! Even if that costs you an hour or more of sleep.

Amela Žrt, Odvetniška pisarna CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz