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3rd AmCham Young Professionals™ Meeting

Ljubljana, October 20, 2015

»Communication functions when two co-speakers are aware of their behavior.«

Nina Marcelan, FMG

»There’s always room for improvement. The speakers gave an insight into various personality types and offered us useful advice on how to be better at communicating and motivating our co-workers, and grow at relationship management, both professionally and privately.«

Teja Rajšp, Public Relations Representative and Managing Director’s Assistant, TSmedia

»The secret for successful and proper communication with people around you lies in understanding the colors of these people, therefore: Know Your Colors!«

Bine Pangršič, Adviser to the Management Board, Helios

»A different approach to teaching people. Instead of boring lecturing, we’ve seen a classical stand-up in duet, with a lot of laugh and even more information and knowledge provided, that I am sure we will remember

Jovan Pavićević, Presales Consultant, Halcom

»With their energy and experiences in Relationship Awareness, Suzana and Sebastian gave us insight into everyday challenges in communication with co-workers, helping us understand individuals behavior and motivation that drives them. Presented approaches will facilitate more efficient cooperation and achievement of common goals.«

Meta Simčič, Assistant Manager, KPMG

»We hear a lot about motivation and positive thinking this days. It is a real sales hit. The meetings/lectures/seminars as it was yesterday, I gained a broader and deeper view of motivation and knowing consequences of characters. I recognized a lot of samples, lots of characteristics which makes my every day better or worse. The lecturers impressed me with the professionalism and humor. Now I’m even more aware that everyone and every situation I reckon is only my way of believing and sensing. So, I’m going to work on that right away, because there is a lot to improve.«

Mitja Zorko, Optiprint

»I believe that words are the clothes our thoughts wear. Therefore, the way we communicate to our family, friends or co-workers tells everything about ourselves

Miha Turk, Law Firm Čad

»Communicating with certain individuals is effortless, but it’s impossible to find common ground with others. During the SDI workshop, we learned about the color map of various communication techniques, which is a tool that helps us place an interlocutor in appropriate color category and adjust our mode of communication accordingly. A world of colors is much more interesting than a black-and-white world. When we understand the message of the colors, our coexistence becomes easier.«

Tanja Esih, Advertising Creatives Specialist, TSmedia

»Interesting lecture with new insights into world of beliefs about feelings and functioning of different people. In a humorous way lecturers presented colourful relations and diversity of values and priorities

Urška Granda, Project manager, Salveo

»Suzana and Sebastian have given me a new perspective on personal relationships and how different types of people think and communicate. It was a great evening with many useful tips.«

Anja Hribar, Junior Brand Operations Manager, Atlantic Grupa