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Disruption makes or breaks a company. We can either surpass the competition or be left in the dust. Recognizing the potential of new technologies and turning it into opportunity is paramount for the survival of every company.


I regularly lead clients into disruption. I'm incredibly fortunate in that regard. For the past eight years, Ineor has been working with global tech and gaming industry leaders who are open to turning their ideas into new possibilities and futuristic worlds.


But before we can jointly conspire towards greatness, I have to demonstrate what Ineor can bring to the table. In my mind, the rest – the results I just promised to deliver– is the easy part. A done deal. I know that once our team starts, they don't falter and usually exceed expectations. We've learned to disrupt by design. We worked diligently to achieve this level of excellence. Now it's routine.

Trust is a slightly different matter. It's is fragile and never only in our control. I make sure we step up and do all that's required, but even so, collaboration, innovation, and everything else only follow as a direct consequence of that hard-earned trust.


Amazing results require vision, focus, great communication, and top-class execution. Anybody can come up with an idea, gather a team around it, and start creating. But it all begins with trust. It's always been in short supply, and everyone needs more of it. I propose we invest in developing trust. This compass always leads in the right direction.