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AmCham Slovenia has enabled eight US students to come to Slovenia for summer traineeship programs as part of European Experience in the Green Heart of Europe. The six-week program also entails an entrepreneurship course and a week with a Slovenian family.

The eight undergraduate students from all over the US have been working with mentors at ABC Accelerator, a start-up accelerator, Circular Change, a circular economy platform, food group Droga Kolinska, language school LanguageSitter, pharmaceutical supplier Lenis Farmacevtika, mobile payment developer MBILLS, energy group Petrol, and display developer Visionect. The students, some of whom are of Slovenian descent, celebrated 4 July at a barbecue alongside young community – the AmCham Young platform and some representatives of ASEF. 

Claire Staresinic applied for the traineeship in Slovenia because she wanted to explore her Slovenian roots. This summer, she is learning about Slovenian traditions and the language and meeting new people. The future psychiatrist from Pittsburgh believes the business experience she will get at this summer traineeship programme will help her in launching her own practice.

Geography student Samuel Haise Waller found the traineeship programme by googling as he was looking for traineeship opportunities in Slovenia. He has been working at Petrol, where he has the chance to work in urban infrastructure and transport, his career fields of choice.

Learn more about the European Experience program and AmCham Young platform in the videos below. 

Claire Nicole Staresinic about her experience in Slovenia

Samuel Haise Waller about his experience in Slovenia

Tonja Avsenik about the AmCham Young platform

Sandra Kecman about the AmCham Young Professionals program

Timotej Vitez about the AmCham Young Professionals program

Dr. Jure Leskovec about the mission of ASEF

You can see the photos from the picnic at our Facebook page.

Source: STA