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Well-known names, definitely a topmost concert, however as not being – I have to admit – a good judge of classical music, I could only feel the magic of the performance. And sometimes it is even better to only perceive than to know all the details and rules as therefore the magic may disappear and only pure facts remain. To me the classical music concerts are always an opportunity to be absorbed in my thoughts despite the crowd around me.

On one side I was looking at my children, cheering me up with their laughter and on the other I tried to imagine the orchestra performing without the conductor. I started to think about this idea right at the beginning of the concert when actually asked about it by my husband. A chaos would happen, was my first thought. Furthermore, I tried to picture the situation of the conductor coming on stage and saying to the orchestra: »My dear friends, I have no idea for how long we will have the opportunity to keep the instruments before taken away from us. And I have not the haziest notion how to retrieve this problem«. Or if the first violin and the musician playing the triangle would quarrel over whose role is more important, as one of them is playing a lot and the other one is only waiting for his moment. What if one half of the violins would try to drown the sounds of the other half, which would on the other hand decide to not share the sheet music any longer?

Of course, I did not really think about all such situations, as I have written down already in the beginning of this Brief that the concert was a magical experience, and all the fictitious situations written remind too much of bad news we are unfortunately reading and listening to every day. It nevertheless does not mean that we have to throw the conductor` s batons up also ourselves by saying that there is nothing left to do. I have been given by the project SEI, we are organizing together with the US Embassy a great inspiration, however my greatest motivation remains in one way or other, always the child` s laughter. That is why is worth doing things…