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Tomaž Lovše, now honorary member of our Chamber, was an excellent boss and leader. He always wanted the best – but how to get to this point he left it to the team by offering at the same time all his energy and ideas. I met numerous new people on both continents, in Europe and in the USA. And if I had been maybe once upon the time impressed by the titles, I am now more and more convinced that the most important are energy, idea and human being. And that only this enriches me and all of us. I had great opportunity to meet many of you, maybe at first only as members but now I carry you in my mind as good colleagues and, some of you, even as friends. And, of course, here is my team, my “cool” girls who know how to work hard when job must be done and how to have great time and share laughter. Yes, we really work a lot – but always with a broad smile.

Just in June we got a new Board of Governors – as excellent as a previous one. We also got a new President, Mr. Matej Potokar with whom, I am certain, will be a great experience to cooperate as AmCham team as well it will be pleasure for all members. My mandate, too, was extended for another two years and I am looking forward this time to facing all new challenges, events, achievements and joy. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and to make new friendships like the one with Piedad and Bradley Freden. After three years Piedad and Brad are leaving Slovenia with, I hope, very nice feelings about our country and Slovenians. Piedad and Brad, farewell and thanks for everything.

I apologize for addressing you in a rather relaxed way. Well, summer is here, let us relax, let us breathe deeply and collect a new strength for the fall. Enjoy your holidays!