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Ireland, despite its large crisis within the internal economic market, managed to do so and is remaining in the winning position in earning the FDI from the USA. Large American Corporations keep loyal to Ireland, not only for the corporate taxes, but also for their knowledge already from the last century 70´s to opt for in which fields they would develop their abilities and determined them to be the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. Thus they became the hub within these fields. Many experts from all over the world joined them and there are momentarily already around 100.000 Americans living in Ireland. Intel, for example, has just in time of launching the revolutionary 3D chip, announced a new half billion worth investment to Ireland. On the occasion of celebrating the 50th Anniversary of American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, despite the crisis therefore the optimism prevailed, as the representatives of more than 600 American companies affirmed that they see their future also in this island state of 3.8 million inhabitants. The optimism, which could be felt by the Irish therefore derives from the side of the American investors, also because, they have already years ago known where to determine their focus. And where is the Slovene focus?