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I am also proud of the heads of the four organizations- Ambassador Mussomeli, President of AmCham Mr. Lovše, CEO of Japti Mr. Plestenjak and Director of CEED Mrs. Bregar- Mrzlikar- who were able to understand that the power lies in mutual connections and cooperation and thus consequently contribute enormously to the success of the event.

I am proud that the teams of the four organizations knew exactly how to unite a large joint team functioning on the basis of confidence, among them – I would like to especially enlist some names which might by themselves not represent much to you, and you may freely skip reading them – whereas for myself they are of utmost importance and I respect them and working with them deeply; therefore -THANK YOU VERY MUCH Vida, Maja, Nina, Sarah, Martin, Brad, Alenka, Barbara, Kaja, Matej, BIG THANKS also to Hotel Slon especially to Gregor and Helena who also became part of the team and THANKS to all of you who believed in the project of which main purpose has been to strengthen the business ties between the United States of America and Slovenia.

I am also proud that the three of former Ambassadors of the United States of America to the Republic of Slovenia Ambassador Jackovich, Ambassador Robertson and Ambassador Ghafari attended the conference, as it proves that we are connected not only by means of business but of human ties as well.

I take pride in AmCham Young Professionals, who just in this week we selected 5 finalists. They certainly have the potential, some even a leading one, as it has been estimated by the commission, and by key importance to me, also a human one.

In the end, I would like to express my pride in my son and daughter, who had their 6th and 3rd birthday this month and are putting me on the right place every time I forget where the base is.

I wish that the Slovenes would be proud of our country, our work, our families and that everything altogether would fulfill us with positive energy, which would consequently generate new successes and achievements. Let’s see glass half full instead of half empty.

And what are you proud of today?