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I cannot understand why! Albania has a beautiful nature, very friendly people, beautiful beaches, kind of exotic atmosphere, poor roads and infrastructure, yet a lot of potential for development could be felt. I do not know their leaders and I am not familiar with their plans, their points of view and with whether they have a knowledge and will, however observing the country as a vacationer and being unburdened by daily politics, I believe that with a bit of will they will certainly succeed. Back to Slovenia – my children could not be astonished enough over the differences between the two countries; e.g.: how our country is great in many ways, all the buildings are completed, roads do not have huge holes all over them, there are no cows and pigs walking down the highway, there are no cables hanging from each pole, one is able to get all the e-mail due to super-fast internet connection,…- when I looked at the newspapers where it has been in various ways repeatedly stated that Slovenia is a loser, the loser of Europe…then we should ask ourselves – what about us, will WE succeed? Do we see the full potential? Are we aware of what we already have? Do we have the will and desire, what about the knowledge and power? I really would not like to hear that potential investors would during their deciding over investing into Slovenia, be asked, and similarly as I was regarding my vacation, if something was wrong with them. I realize that this topic is too exhausting for summer days, yet it is clear that we stand at critical crossroads at the moment. We need a little more confidence and being inspired by the successes of our Olympians I predict that with a bit of will we will certainly succeed.