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»It is really difficult, the situation is very bad«. I usually respond to such findings by simply nodding and having my own ideas, howsoever at that moment the optimism did not leave me in peace. “Really,” I asked him, “what makes you think so?” He persisted that it simply was so. “Does it affect your business?” “No, as a matter of fact, we had a record year last year.” Then I worriedly inquired after the health of his wife and children. “They are great and very well”, he affirmed with for a moment a cheerful expression on his face when telling about the great time they altogether had at skiing recently. We toasted to each other with a glass of Rebula, top wine by Blažič. Why are you complaining then? Why do you yield to discouragement? Why do you allow the fears to push you back? I am aware that many do not have such good luck, however many do not, honestly speaking, devote enough of their energy to make it in life, however all of us having such privilege, in fact do not have anything if we are not internally happy and satisfied.

“Well, it is true, I am fine”, he admitted, “but what if I lose everything? “I think you already had”, I replied, “since you are not capable in enjoying it and you are not grateful for what you are having, not even for a moment.”

Perhaps you think that I should have taken the pink eyeglasses off by now and start realizing the seriousness of the situation. I am very aware of it but will certainly use my life energy instead for fears, for the proactive creating of opportunities enabling as many people as possible to wear “pink specs”.