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For this reason, I am delighted that we will in the new issue of Yearbook that you may expect in the beginning of December, reveal you the 12 business leaders chosen as the role models by the Leadership Committee and by the both AmCham Young Professionals generations. We have, however within the Committee found ourselves in a spiral of fear that leads us too often into a situation when we simply do not recognize the best around us. Accordingly, I am glad that we have through debating come to the following conclusion: YES, we have excellent business leaders in Slovenia, leaders distinguished for their numerous positive values and characteristics. Not only those on the list mentioned as I know that there are many among you, our members, the role models of a successful practice in several fields. Yet, when I observe the politics, in the time of the pre-election campaign, I have to admit that within it the notion of leadership does not give me such pleasure anymore. Due to our desire for gaining security and disclaiming responsibility, we wish for a different leader and not those representing contemporary democratic ones. We either ascribe them the characteristics of superheroes or simply do not like them. Accordingly – black and white?! Well, let` s be serious since we do not live in a fairy tale! I sincerely expect that on December 2, at the AmCham Business Brunch, we will have the opportunity to attend some constructive talks with the politics and consequently the reflection about it and certainly hope for the following conclusion: YES, we have excellent politicians in Slovenia, politicians distinguished for their understanding of Slovenia being on a significant turning point, politicians who confide in cooperation and who know how to direct towards a common goal. Looking forward to meeting you very much as well, Ajša