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…a great young man Žiga Vavpotič, who is among other, the initiator of Simbioz@ and numerous other projects and to whom I sometimes for his incredible energy almost wish to good-naturedly pull ears, however every time remind myself that it is right to be so, as he is young, full of energy and brings positive changes. He wrote to me that he only wished to share two things with me; firstly, that our AmCham President (Matej Potokar) is a »true model«, for he has without publicly announcing, quietly within his local home area cooperated as a volunteer in the excellent project Simbioz@. Furthermore, he continued that our AmCham Vice-President (Thierry Villard) is an extraordinary mentor and that he is happy to had opportunity to chosen him as the finalist of the Young Professionals Program. Let me quote his sentence: »He is a real mentor and whenever you wish a story about how your Mentor Program bears fruit, I would love to narrate it, with a great pleasure, indeed! «

Let me explain why this message means so much to me; it is because I only a few minutes ago wished to write you how one of the managers of an important company asked me to bring forward at least one good reason why would one still persist in working in Slovenia and I did not know how to reply, as the spiral of negative messages drew me into enlisting more answers for why not instead of bringing positive reasons. Of course the changes are necessary in the business environment however it is also true that we have the opportunity to decide and at least try to carry the changes out, as Slovenia is, as is Žiga, still young and if we stand together, it may be full of energy and may bring positive changes. One should sometimes not simply expect the others to lead but has to pledge oneself in taking part of the responsibility for the changes made. We, at the AmCham Slovenia endeavor day by day either for the events, or the committees in which more than 120 experts are functioning also because they are pledging themselves to a part of own responsibility, or the program AmCham Young Professional Program to where you can come for a wave of energy whether you lose inspiration.

The messages are never coincidental, thank you Žiga, for giving me the answer that there are two million reasons existing why one should continue with working in Slovenia.

Looking forward to keeping company with you!