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I wish to express our thanks sincerely to all the members of Tax, Labor, Public Procurement Committee, Working Group for Environment, Working Group for Social Responsibility and the Committee for Membership for their successful and professional work at accomplishing our mutual mission. Cordial thanks go also to all the sponsors of Business Breakfasts, Business Cocktails, Business Luncheons, social sports events and generally to all of You who contributed to the exquisitely attended events. The Business Breakfast has become a trade mark and we are exerting ourselves in inviting the most topical orators who at all times consent with pleasure to share their points of view with the AmCham members. In autumn we have successfully carried our first Executive Table – Luncheon meant for maximally 30 participants out… Furthermore, the first Professional Update – professional advanced study and informing about the novelties in specific fields, has been held. I would like to invite all who wish to present their companies, activities or achievements to a smaller coterie, to contact me. Please, bear in mind, that the AmCham´s main task is to work for You, our Members.

I have to admit that writing this Editorial proved to be a very pleasant task as I have already at the beginning known what will follow in the end: the festive times are approaching and I wish You all to spend them as little as possible at work and to vigorously return in January. Our small collective will continue to strive for success so that You be will proud of Your Membership at AmCham Slovenia.

Don´t forget AmCham is here because and for You.

All the best in 2011.

Vida Dolenc Pogačnik

Project Manager