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It really appears so as all the characters on the stage seem exaggerated and their ego enormous. I specifically pointed out that I trusted him and although according to my evaluations friendship should be in any case linked with trust, a recent survey of trust in Slovenia showed that people in full trust only themselves, as already as concerns the friendship, the confidence has dropped, let alone the confidence in politics and church where it has practically vanished. The management and trade unions are not given much confidence anymore either. Without trust there is no hope. If I return to the Ancient Greeks – already Aristotle said that for creating the connection with others which is essential if we wish a mutual development, ETHOS+PATHOS are necessary; in the sense of the needs of the contemporary Slovenia, we need SINCERITY+EMPATHY. Can we do it? I believe so!

In my opinion there are many outstanding people in Slovenia who can prove that, among them undoubtedly our top sportspeople. The parallels between sport and management will be soon sought for on our first annual AmCham Business Breakfast, to which I look forward to very much. I sincerely look forward to the visit of Mr. Jeff Hoffman, the advisor to the President` s Obama National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I also hardly wait for the first column by you, dear Members, which will become a regular column from now on. I look forward to and hope you will take 2 minutes and 20 seconds of your time for getting inspiration by watching the following clip.

I rejoice at the thought that an »entrepreneur« will be found, who will feel sLOVEnia in our beautiful homeland and in our either permanent or temporary home of those who are not Slovenians but belong to our mutual community.

I look forward to….