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Obama! The announcement was followed by AmCham Business Breakfast with at the time still three candidates for the post of the president of the Republic of Slovenia. It was a good feeling to cooperate again with those who always support us when they sense there are good projects involved. Thank you Thierry and Ana! The weekend was in a family fun atmosphere. I nevertheless spent a bit of time working in anticipation of the first Investor’s Day, co-organized by AmCham, Japti and CEED. It was an interesting day with frank co-speakers, of an excellent cooperation again which was concluded with a positive proof that it is possible to achieve much more if our forces are put together. Therefore I look forward immensely to 6 December, when we will together with GZS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia), ZM (Manager Association ), Pristop (Consulting and Communication Company), UKOM (Government Communication Office) jointly organize the event “In the Circle of Trust” and thus try to contribute to the strengthening of the future development of Slovenia. For if there is no trust, there is nor progress, neither hope. O.K., I have to admit that I did not find out what Y.O.L.O. meant till only this weekend and therefore experienced a big L.O.L. from my children. I however knew it meant something important and therefore saved it. They really wished to express an important message to me – for Y.O.L.O. means YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. And since it really is so, my way of life means cooperation, networking and trust, as only in this way I will be able to listen to the unburdened L.O.L. of my children.

If you do not know what it means, ask our future!