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since I met some people who believe in the bright future of Slovenia and are certain that everything depends purely on the matter of choice. Such situation is usually felt by people, who are not Slovenians by origin, but live and work in Slovenia. Of course, also we, Slovenians can be optimistic, however the difference is in that we also possess the power of decision to turn the trends. Can we? We definitely do. Do we want to? I believe so. Yet some fragments of the events in the past week crossed my mind into thinking that it is not true that an individual could not have influence, as if nothing else he has influence on his own microcosm. My week namely started with reading a scary shocking article written by a Slovenian quasi intellectual in one of the most selling female newspaper supplements in which she low-mindedly sullied an exceptional woman. Why? Why was I exposed to the rage of a certain man for things I had not the slightest connection with? Why did I have to bear the outburst of a senior lady, who for my due to traffic circumstances not being positioned correctly at the intersection, even showed me her middle finger? Everything was already too bizarre for a Monday, for which I have decided not to keep asking myself WHY for a while. Of course, I understand that people have frustrations and fears and I therefore wish them sincerely that they will be able to solve them, however they first have to turn to themselves, think from their heart and then decide. I will rather ask myself HOW to change things for the better, even if only in my own little world. As for tonight, the dreams are allowed to me and tomorrow will be a great day.