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My smile cannot be nowadays wiped neither by watching the news broadcast when one gains a feeling that some journalists somehow enjoy in the fact of the existing crisis, which would otherwise anger me, however this time I have decided not to let myself get drawn into a negative spiral. Why would we not become more connected and make some positive changes also for the sake of Nana, Benjamin, Rado, Hana and Primož. And because of Žiga, who after the magical evening at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre wrote to me:

”….I could not fall asleep peacefully without writing you the following few thoughts: the energy was perfect, the timing even better. Sincere congratulations! Truly and through the eyes of someone, who took part in the first generation and someone who concerns himself with the Y Generation. The story is remarkably developing, surpluses appear. The choice of the location is a definite surplus, namely; what can be more charming than the young people at the Puppet Theatre? The concept is outstanding as it reveals the world of the young. I am very proud that the program has become a copy right and keep my fingers crossed that it would succeed also elsewhere in the world. I am not saying this because Nana (Šumrada Slavnič) is a friend of mine, she really deserves it and it is right that a woman won, she will be excellent. Together with Tomaž (Lanišek) they can become the ones who can carry the key message to the young ones, denoting them that they can still have role models, also in Slovenia.All of this was going through my mind merely in observing. There are many people in one way or another linked to the Amcham: Thierry (Villard), Matej (Potokar), who may be role models to the young people. And it is the role model one should build upon in Slovenia. I will be glad to help in this matter. You can be really proud of yourselves. I am proud to know you. And, of course, remember that only some are also the first ones. I will certainly talk about the first AmCham generation also to my great-grandchildren. At that time this will matter to the young people as it today matters to the wise ones to win a Nobel Prize. Is it an interesting challenge? It certainly is, as the Dream Team can do it.” (Žiga Vavpotič is a remarkable young man, among other also the Program Director of the Ypsilon Institute and I.generation AmCham Young Professionals participant.)

I myself could alone hardly conjure you up with so amazing feelings, as for me the signal light flashes red as soon they become too pompous, yet the new generation can do it. Thank you very much, Žiga! There is a known saying among Slovenes, denoting that it is allowed to dream today, yet tomorrow is a new day, is a part of us all, however I will allow myself to paraphrase it a little in saying – it is allowed to dream today, tomorrow wake up with a smile on your face. For you and for new generation. Ajša