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although some people back home are convinced to be so, which does not mean that you are not proud of your country however when you for the thirtieth time explains the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia, also to some representatives of European countries, you finally realize that Slovenia needs, whether we want to continue with the quality of life also in the future, a precisely made and communicated perception about what is our value proposition!

Therefore, I am kindly inviting you to be actively involved in the debate at the AmCham Business Breakfast, held on March, 30.

The conference also gave me some thoughts of the fact that besides Asia, also Africa will be the next site for growth, at which I sincerely hope that the enlargements will be more pursuant to the principles of the CSR and to those of the continual development.

Back to Slovenia I am asking myself how is the CSR considered in Slovenia.

On 16 March, the AmCham CSR Committee will organize the Professional Update on the subject of Social Entrepreneurship with speakers, who concern themselves with it in theory and practice on a world level. Sincerely welcome to join us!

Anyhow, visiting the USA already from my teens onwards has always filled me with a feeling that there are no limits, the limits exist only in our heads, and are caused mostly by fears.

Therefore I am wishing you a fearless spring!